Patriot International Travel Insurance

The Patriot Travel Insurance Plan is intended for the individuals who require worldwide travel medical coverage inclusion for their movement around the globe. The arrangement is perfect for any individual who needs short to long haul inclusion (5 days to 2 years) when they are outside of their nation of origin.

Patriot Travel Medical insurance – Two Plan Designs:

Travel therapeutic protection for all nationalities, including U.S. subjects and non-U.S. nationals voyaging abroad. The arrangement incorporates travel health advantages, for example,

Transient travel medicinal consideration

Inclusion for people and wards

Greatest Limits from $50,000 to $2,000,000

Deductible choices from $0 to $2,500

Departure and Repatriation inclusion

Inclusion from 5 days to 2 years, Renewable up to two years on the off chance that multi-month or more are obtained

Opportunity to look for treatment with doctor’s facility or specialist of your decision

Travel deferral and things postpone benefits accessibly

All inclusive Rx drug store rebate reserve funds

The Patriot sightseeing plan additionally enables you to include inclusion with the buy of discretionary additional riders. These riders incorporate the Extreme Sports Rider, Enhanced AD&D Rider, and the Patriot Return Rider. For more data about these riders, visit the timetable of advantages page or run a free statement for evaluating.

Why Patriot Plan for Travel Medical Insurance?

You have enough to stress over when you’re voyaging. Try not to give your restorative inclusion a chance to be a vulnerability. IMG has created two Patriot Travel Medical Insurance designs that offer an entire bundle of universal advantages accessible 24 hours every day. Nationalist International® gives inclusion to U.S. subjects going outside the U.S. with inclusion for brief comes back to the U.S., while Patriot America® gives inclusion to non-U.S. subjects going outside their nation of origin. The two designs are accessible for at least 5 days up to a most extreme of two years, as per the terms of the Certificate of Insurance.

Patriot Plan Customer Service / Assistance

Also, the plans offer fantastic advantages and administrations to meet your worldwide travel needs. You approach universal, multilingual client benefit focuses, claims executives who process claims from everywhere throughout the world, dealing with for all intents and purposes each dialect and money,You can likewise browse a wide scope of deductibles, a few Maximum Limits, and you approach in excess of 17,000 suppliers through our International Provider AccessSM (IPA) when looking for treatment outside the U.S. You can likewise diminish your out-of-stash costs when looking for treatment in the U.S. by finding suppliers through the free Preferred Provider Organization.

Patriot Plan Premiums / Pricing

The Patriot Travel plan gives inclusion to any nationality, both U.S. Furthermore, non-U.S. Natives, who are going outside of their nation of origin. The premiums for the Patriot Travel Medical Plan depend on your age and your nation of citizenship:

Loyalist International – For cover outside of the USA, or

Loyalist America – For all Nationalities Travel Abroad

If you don’t mind NOTE – All the premiums showed on this page depend on a $250.00 deductible. There are a few deductible alternatives accessible to you– including $0. The deductible is payable per arrangement period if and when you have to look for therapeutic treatment. In the event that you need to check the top-notch cost with an alternate deductible

Patriot Travel International Rates (travels exclude the U.S.)

The Patriot International arrangement gives inclusion to individuals going for at least 5 days outside their home nation whose goal bars the United States or its regions. In the event that you buy something like 30 days of inclusion, you, have the alternative to reestablish the arrangement for up to 2 years. Singular day by day rates beneath mirror a $250 deductible.

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